Super Effective New Rat Trapping Tip

Alert! Effective New Rat Trapping Tip -

Super Effective New Rat Trapping Tip

Bait Cage has experimented with various methods of encouraging rats to stop and feed at the traps. Using night vision cameras, we looked at locations and shelters where traps were placed and observed various degrees of rat comfort levels. We noticed that rats do not necessarily like to feed where they shelter, with baited traps right next to rat nests that were ignored. We found that rats do not like entering a small hole unless it expands into a large space with several different exits. A small box or similar was ignored. We also observed that rats move very quickly when out in the open, rarely stopping to feed. However, when traps were placed perpendicular to a fence line known to have rat activity and then covered with a wire tomato cage (pictured above), the rats would stop, feed, and get caught. The rats would first observe the cage, move around it, then enter where the trap was located and begin feeding. Allowing the rat to feel comfortable will encourage it to hang around the trap and keep feeding on it, which is where the Bait Cage Kit is especially lethal. Because the bait is captured in the Bait Cage attachment and secured to the rat trap bait pedal, the rat will work at it and eventually trigger the trap as shown in our featured image.

Rat trapping tip and trick trap set with bait under shelter cage

And we remind you to never give up or get too frustrated when dealing with a rat problem. While some rats are careless and may be easily caught, many adult rats are inherently cautious requiring time and patience to lure them to their demise. Keep experimenting with different methods to find success, and if you find something that works, let us know!

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