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Image of bait cage package with contents shown next to it including packet of bait and 3 bait cage attachments
Invasive rat has chewed a hole through wall in house to find place to nest and search for food. It will move around at night leaving feces everywhere creating health problems and hazardous living conditions
Rat has found a home and created a nest in home attic or crawl space. It will birth several litters in one year leading to a major infestation and health crisis. Damage to house, feces everywhere, will cost thousands to repair
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bait cage kit for rat traps package and contents shown also installed on victor rat traps

Are You Dealing With a Rat Infestation and Looking for a Better Way To Eliminate the Problem?

Bait Cage is on a mission to help you improve your life by helping you put an end to an invasive rat problem quickly, safely, humanely, and cost effectively. No gimmicks, no obscure tricks, no subscriptions, no high costs, and no waiting around. We are here to show you how to get rid of rats once and for all.


Forget the bait stations, sticky glue traps, expensive monthly pest control plans, and toxic poisons. And if you have given up on classic snap traps to get rid of rats, Bait Cage offers new hope to making your traps successfully eliminate a rat infestation. The Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps is a new and innovative product that makes snap traps more effective by providing the best bait with easy install attachments to keep the bait locked on for good. Bait Cage will keep the irresistible bait on outdoor rat traps fresh for as long as it takes and is safe to use indoors, around pets and children. Bait Cage is the only complete kit to make snap traps kill rats the first time, every time!


Why Aren't Your Snap Traps Catching Rats?

Problem #1: Rats Avoiding Traps

Rats are very cautious and will take their time to trust new things including food sources. With rat snap traps, one common mistake is using the wrong food bait. You know there are rats, you set the traps, and come out the next day only to find the traps have been ignored. Every Bait Cage Kit includes a packet of specially formulated irresistible 100% non-toxic food bait that will attract the rats to the traps, keep them feeding, and get them caught. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Bait Spread for rat traps.

Problem #2: Stolen Bait

Rats are inherently careful to not disturb their surroundings or make noise that could attract predators while feeding. Rats love to eat, have voracious appetites, but are capable of licking peanut butter from a snap trap bait pedal without setting off the trap. The goal is to catch the rats, not keep feeding them. The Bait Cage attachment installs easily on the rat trap bait pedal and secures the bait requiring the rat to work harder at the bait and get caught. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Bait Cage product.

Problem #3: Poor Trap Placement

Trap placement ranks #1 in our list of top tips to trap rats. Traps must be located in places rats can find them and feel safe approaching them. Fence lines and barriers work well. Wherever you place the traps, have comfort in knowing the Bait Cage attachments are durable, weather resistant, can be used indoors or outdoors, and the sweet and smoky Bait Cage Spread Bait will stay fresh and attract rats for as long as it takes- even in the rain! CLICK HERE for our complete list of Tips and Tricks to trap rats.

Bait Cage Makes Rat Traps Work

The Bait Cage Kit was thoughtfully engineered to be easy to use, fit the most popular snap-type rat traps, and allow you to set multiple traps at one time. As a bonus, each kit includes a packet of our brand new specially formulated Bait Cage Spread Bait. The patent pending Bait Cage will keep the bait on your rat trap fresh [traps stay effective indoors or outdoors until rat is caught] and secure [locks the bait to the trap and keeps the rat feeding until trap is triggered] so you can be successful getting rid of rats for good. Don't be overwhelmed by a rodent infestation. Take control with Bait Cage!


Check out our short VIDEO below to see just how simple it is to get started:

Customer Testimonials

"I can't say enough about this product and the results I had. I have a huge warehouse and had a problem this winter. I tried everything before this including a professional exterminator. Then I tried this and was astounded the morning after I set out 9 of these and all were full! My problem has been solved and all thanks to the Bait Cage, thanks so much! You won't be disappointed with the success!"

TO from California

"Bait Cage worked extremely well"

Shawn Woods, Rodent Trap Expert and Host of Mousetrap Monday

"Rats kept clearing my traps. First night with these bad boys and I nabbed two. Highly recommend!"

BW from California

"Works well. It requires the nasty varmint to work harder at getting bait significantly increasing chances of springing the trap. Without it, the clever little critters manage to lick away the bait and walk away. Highly recommend."

JR from Ohio

"Frustration relieved in the very first 24 hours of using this product!!!  EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE how good this product performs compared to any other trap without Bait Cage!!!"

AR from California

Bait Cage Fits Any Snap-Type Rat Trap with a Pedal and Hook for Holding Bait

Bait Cage Installed on Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap

Bait Cage Installed on Victor Easy Set Rat Trap

Bait Cage Installed on Metal Rat Traps

Bait Cage Installed on Tomcat Metal Pedal Rat Trap

Bait Cage Kits Available at These and Other Fine Retailers (select locations):

bait cage kits available at select ace hardware stores
bait cage kits available at select do it stores and centers
bait cage kits available at green thumb nursery in california

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