What is the Best Bait for Rat Traps?

Best Bait for Rat Traps -

What is the Best Bait for Rat Traps?

The question of what bait works best for rat traps is a common one, evident from the numerous articles and opinions available online. But before we reveal the answer, let's first address some crucial aspects when dealing with invasive rats.

Understanding Invasive Rats:

Invasive rats refer specifically to brown rats (Norway rats) and black rats (roof rats), which are non-native species in the United States and various other countries worldwide. It's important to distinguish them from pack rats (woodrats), native to the US, and generally found in wooded areas outdoors. However, there might be instances where pack rats become problematic, requiring necessary action. For more information on pack rats and the issues they can cause, click HERE.

group of roof rats

The Risks of Rat Poison:

At Bait Cage, we firmly advocate against using poisons or rodenticides. Not only do these cause prolonged suffering for rodents, but they also harm friendly species like owls, hawks, bobcats, and mountain lions that may ingest poisoned rodents. Rat poison is unsafe to keep and store, particularly around pets and children. To learn more about rat poison and its dangers, click HERE.
Bait Cage contains no poison or toxic chemicals that can do harm to us or our wild animal friends. Bait Cage is on a mission to educate people about the dangers of rat poisons and rodenticides with this article.
Bait Cage is committed to providing products that are free from poison or toxic chemicals, ensuring the safety of both humans and wildlife. Our mission is to educate people about the hazards of rat poisons and rodenticides.

Understanding a Rat's Diet:

At Bait Cage, we've extensively studied rat feeding diets and behavior, categorizing them into three main groups: 1) protein, 2) carbohydrates or sugar, and 3) water. Proteins are typically found in animal meat, fat, and tree nuts, with rats known to resort to cannibalism due to their insatiable craving for meat. Carbohydrates, in the form of sugar or converted sugar, can be found in grains, seeds, and fruit. Rats and other rodents are constantly searching for food and when they find a food source, they are likely to remain in that area. This can lead to the start of an infestation.

Popular Bait Options for Rat Traps:

Various baits are commonly used in rat traps, such as peanut butter, Nutella, bacon, nuts, seeds, cheese, dried fruit, and chocolate. However, clever rats can steal these baits without triggering the traps, rendering them ineffective. Even peanut butter can be licked clean off a set trap by rats without setting it off. Some popular baits may lack a strong enough scent to attract rats, failing to lure them to the snap trap or convince them to start feeding when encountering it. Rats are especially cautious and wary of approaching new things, a behavior termed "neophobia." Additionally, some food baits quickly go stale or rotten, leading the rat to avoid the trap altogether.

rat not interested in bait and turned away from trap

Introducing the Bait Cage Spread Bait – The Game-Changer:

After an extensive two-year field study, Bait Cage proudly presents the groundbreaking Bait Cage Spread Bait—a true game-changer in pest control. This exceptional bait is not only 100% food-based but also completely non-toxic, making it the perfect choice for effective rat control.bait cage bait packets

Our expertly crafted Sweet and Smoky Bait Cage Spread Bait is formulated with precision here in the USA, incorporating all the irresistible ingredients that rats simply cannot resist. Its tantalizing scent is both potent and delicious, ensuring that rats are irresistibly drawn to your traps. What's more, it triggers an unstoppable feeding response within the rat's brain, ensuring that they continue to consume the bait until they are safely captured.

With a generous shelf-life, you can trust that our Bait Cage Spread Bait will remain fresh and effective, without ever going stale or spoiling. When used in conjunction with the Bait Cage attachment on a snap-type rat trap, you can rest assured that the rat will keep feeding until it's securely trapped. Click the image below to learn more about our specially formulated bait spread that is irresistible to rats, mice, and other rodents.

Bait Cage spread bait contents includes meat fats, nuts, chocolate, and fruit

Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps – The Complete Solution:

Our new and improved Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps includes a packet of Bait Cage Spread Bait, providing more than enough food bait to load all the Bait Cage attachments in each kit, twice or more! Whether you're dealing with brown Norway rats or black roof rats, Bait Cage is your ultimate ally in attracting rats to the traps, securely holding the bait, and effectively putting an end to your rodent problem.

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We take immense pride in being the pioneers in studying and developing a rat trap bait that outperforms others in the pest control industry. With Bait Cage, you can swiftly, safely, and humanely address your rodent issues. So why wait? Try our new and improved Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps today and witness remarkable results for yourself. Your rodent problem will soon be a thing of the past!

Rat caught in trap using bait cage attachment and bait

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