About the Bait Cage Product

Discover the Bait Cage Kit Designed Specifically for Rat Traps.

Introducing the revolutionary Bait Cage – a cutting-edge, patented solution designed to enhance the effectiveness of rodent elimination. Our innovative bait retention system securely fastens a variety of baits and attractants to the most commonly used rodent traps, significantly boosting pest control success rates.

Crafted with precision, the Bait Cage attachment is molded from a soft yet resilient elastomer, providing a natural feel to rodents. Effortlessly attaching to trap bait hooks, it boasts durability and weather resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Experience extended bait freshness on traps like never before.

Load the Bait Cage attachments with our exclusive, 100% non-toxic Bait Cage spread bait – a specially formulated irresistible formula tailored to lure rats effectively. Witness remarkable outcomes as the thoughtfully designed patent-pending shape of the Bait Cage actively entices pests, prompting them to engage in a pursuit for the enticing contents within. This strategic design ensures trap activation and rodent elimination on the very first attempt, every single time. Say goodbye to multiple tries – with Bait Cage, success is ensured from the start.


Unveiling our revolutionary, in-house developed bait solution, meticulously crafted to perfection right here in the USA. This advanced proprietary bait formulation is entirely food-based, boasting a non-toxic composition that caters to the dietary preferences of rats. 
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bait cage bait spread packets shown made in USA


Bait Cage works with snap-type rat traps that have a bait pedal like these shown below:

bait cage attachment installed on 4 different types of snap traps including victor easy set and metal pedal

Bait Cage easily attaches to your snap-type rat trap bait hook using no tools.

Click on the image below to watch a short video tutorial:

simple video tutorial link explaining how to use the bait cage kit for rat traps

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rat is caught in the trap