About our Specially Formulated Rodent Bait

New and Improved Bait Spread Packet now included in all Bait Cage Kits

The Bait Cage proprietary blend is an all-natural irresistible food bait spread that is non-toxic and contains all the ingredients that rats crave including meat fats, nuts, seeds, sugar, fruit juice, and chocolate. The Bait Cage Bait Spread has a sweet and smoky scent that acts as an attractant to lure rats to the trap to get them feeding and get them caught.

2 bait cage bait spread packets with rat shown made in USA

After two years of formula development and testing, this game changing bait is available to you. Bait Cage Spread is now included in every Bait Cage Kit for use with the Bait Cage attachments on popular snap type rat traps. Now you can truly outsmart these pesky rodents and put an end to the infestation once and for all. A true game changer!

Our irresistible rat bait spread includes protein and sugar, everything the rats crave

High quality key ingredients are blended into every packet of our Bait Cage Bait Spread right here in the USA. This natural food bait product pairs perfectly with the Bait Cage attachments to stay fresh and tasty on the trap until the rat is caught. It is also highly effective in any other kind of rodent trap such as live catch traps, bucket traps, and electronic zappers. The irresistible Bait Cage Bait Spread might be the greatest weapon for rodent control since the invention of the snap trap!

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bait cage kit with bait packet and attachments made in USA
Tips to Ensure the Bait Cage Bait Spread Works for You:
1. After installing the Bait Cage attachment on the trap, pack it full of bait then apply a layer of bait over the attachment to lure the rodents to the trigger to begin feeding. Do not overapply the bait.
2. Swipe a small amount of bait on the base of the trap to improve the luring effect.
3. Keep baited trap out of direct sunlight. The Bait Cage Bait Spread performs best in temperatures below 90F.
4. If no rodent activity occurs within several days, apply a fresh layer of bait over the Bait Cage attachment.
5. Bait Cage Bait Spread can be used as a very effective rodent lure or attractant in any type of trap, including live catch traps, electronic zappers, and bucket traps.