How About Glue Traps for Rodent Control?

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How About Glue Traps for Rodent Control?

There are so many options available in the consumer marketplace for rodent and pest control. For those of us that chose not to use poisons, bait blocks, or rodenticide granules (read more HERE) then glue traps can seem like a good option. But do they work and are they a good solution for rat control?

Glue traps, also called glue boards, are constructed of a rigid plastic or coated paper tray filled with extremely sticky substance, almost a tar-like consistency. They are inexpensive, made by multiple manufacturers, and readily available. Some are scented with peanut butter or other attractant to lure the pest to the middle of the trap. The idea is the rat or mouse steps in the glue to reach the scent and then becomes stuck to the board- even more so as it tries to remove itself from the original foothold in the glue. Once stuck, the rodent will die inhumanely of thirst or exposure. Much like using poisons or rodenticide bait, glue traps cause a painful and prolonged death to the pest.

While a rodent infestation is a big problem that needs to be solved, glue traps are proven NOT to eliminate breeding adult rats who are smart enough to stay out of the sticky substance. Furthermore, they are messy and are no longer sticky after getting wet or contaminated. Using Bait Cage with snap type rat traps, such as the Victor Metal Pedal rat trap, is an immediate solution that WILL eliminate breeding adult rats and control an infestation the FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME!

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