Most Rat Infested Cities in America

Most Rat Infested Cities -

Most Rat Infested Cities in America

Defeating Rat Infestations: Introducing Bait Cage - Your Ultimate Solution!

Rats have been a persistent problem for humanity throughout history, with the infamous Black Plague serving as a chilling reminder of their dangers. While we've made significant progress in curbing such deadly epidemics, rats continue to spread illnesses, contaminate food supplies, and damage our homes. As we strive to find innovative ways to control rat infestations, the Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps emerged as a game-changer in 2020, earning success in cities worldwide.

Bait Cage, when used with snap traps, effectively eliminates both aggressive brown rats (Norway rats) found in urban areas and black rats (roof rats) that nest in attics and trees, causing havoc to our food supplies. Rats leave destruction and hazardous fecal matter in their wake, posing health risks to humans.

Group of rats in the city

According to a 2023 Orkin Pest Control Poll, cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and San Francisco remain the Top 5 most rat-infested places in America. Traditional methods like poison boxes and feral cats have proven ineffective. Enter Bait Cage's ingenious solution with its specially formulated Bait Cage Spread Bait, irresistibly attracting rats to snap traps, ensuring their swift capture. The patent-pending Bait Cage trap attachment keeps them feeding until the trap is triggered, leaving no chance for escape.

Best of all, Bait Cage is environmentally friendly, leaving no poisoned rats to further propagate the issue. With Bait Cage, we can bid farewell to rat troubles once and for all. Protect your home and health today with Bait Cage - the ultimate rat control solution!

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