What Are Some Rat Nesting Habits?

Rat Nesting Habits -

What Are Some Rat Nesting Habits?

Invasive rats are excellent survivalists and very deliberate when it comes to building their nests. Norway rats, also known as Sewer or Brown rats, are generally city dwellers who make their nests at ground level, in tunnels, burrows, basements, wood piles, under concrete slabs, etc. Roof rats, also known as House or Black rats, live above ground and build their nests in trees, shrubs, along roof lines, inside attics, etc. Both types of rats will nest within a couple of hundred feet of food and water sources. Keep in mind that the main purpose of rat nests is to breed and birth more rats which could lead to an infestation. The best ways to prevent a rat infestation are to block off or remove potential nesting locations and eliminate access to food and water sources. See our article HERE for more about preventing an infestation. Next step is to ensure rats are quickly and humanely killed by using the most effective snap traps with the patented Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps. Each kit contains special bait attachments and uniquely formulated 100% non-toxic bait spread that attracts the rats to the traps, keeps them feeding, and gets them caught. Eventually, you'll be setting out traps that are no longer triggered indicating you have won the battle against the invasive rodents!

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