Why Are Your Rat Traps Not Working?

Rat Traps That Work -

Why Are Your Rat Traps Not Working?

Why Aren't Your Rat Traps Getting the Job Done? How to Get Rat Traps that Work.

So, you've come face to face with a rat problem and decided to confront it head-on. You've diligently set out traps, but there's a recurring issue – the traps are either being ignored or set off without a rat in sight. Even worse, the bait disappears, but the trap doesn't go off. Your rat traps are not working. Frustration and hopelessness start to creep in. So, what's the deal? You need rat traps that work! Let's dive into the three key issues that might be sabotaging your rodent trapping efforts:

Issue #1: Wrong Bait Choice

Rats are naturally cautious creatures, and they don't easily trust new food sources. One common mistake when setting up rat snap traps is choosing the wrong bait or an ineffective bait that won’t entice the rodents to the traps to start feeding. You spot the rats, you meticulously arrange the traps, but the next day, you find that the traps have been ignored. This is usually the result of a bait choice that doesn’t entice the rodents.

rat ignoring bait on trap wrong bait selection

Our solution to this problem is the Bait Cage Kit. It's designed to address this issue head-on by providing a special, irresistible, and 100% non-toxic food bait. This bait not only lures rats to the traps but also encourages consistent feeding behavior, ultimately leading to successful captures. Specially formulated over the course of over two years of research and testing, the sweet and smoky Bait Cage Bait Spread contains all of the ingredients rats crave as well as a strong scent to get the rats feeding. Read more about the Best Bait for Rat Traps.

bait cage bait spread ingredients irresistible food for rats

Issue #2: Rats Stealing Bait

Rats are crafty creatures, and they're careful to avoid making noise or leaving any signs that might attract predators while they feed. With their voracious appetites, they can often extract food from a snap trap's bait pedal without triggering the trap itself. Our ultimate goal is to capture these rodents, not to fuel their feeding frenzy.

rat with trap after stealing bait

Enter the ingenious Bait Cage attachment. It seamlessly addresses this challenge by securely locking the bait to the trap. This forces rats to work harder to access the bait, significantly increasing the chances of their capture. It also pairs perfectly with the Bait Cage Bait Spread to keep the bait locked on the trap and fresh for days, even in the rain. Here’s a link to our short demonstration video: How to Use Bait Cage.

bait cage kit contents and traps shown


Issue #3: Poor Trap Placement

Effective rat trapping hinges on the precise placement of traps, a crucial factor that's often overlooked. Traps must be strategically placed in areas where rats are likely to encounter them and feel comfortable approaching. Ideal locations include fence lines and barriers, while open spaces should be avoided.

rat trap placed correctly along fence line with bait pedal closest to wall

No matter where you choose to set your traps, rest assured that our Bait Cage attachments are designed to withstand various conditions and are effective both indoors and outdoors. With the irresistible allure of our sweet and smoky Bait Cage Spread Bait, these attachments ensure sustained freshness and continued attraction for rats, regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, your efforts will pay off.

order the bait cage kit for rat traps



The keys to successful rat trapping are using irresistible bait, securing the bait to the traps, and placing the traps strategically. Snap traps like the Victor Easy Set and metal pedal traps can be highly effective when paired with the Bait Cage Kit for Rat Traps. The Bait Cage attachment keeps the bait secure, and when loaded with the Bait Cage Bait Spread, it keeps the rodents feeding and gets them caught. Don't let the rats outsmart you; order your Bait Cage kits today.

order the bait cage kit for rat traps

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