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Sticky Glue Traps -

There are so many options available in the consumer marketplace for rodent and pest control. For those of us that chose not to use poisons, bait blocks, or rodenticide granules (read more HERE) then glue traps can seem like a good option. But do they work and are they a good solution for rat control? Glue traps, also called glue boards, are constructed of a rigid plastic or coated paper tray filled with extremely sticky substance, almost a tar-like consistency. They are inexpensive, made by multiple manufacturers, and readily available. Some are scented with peanut butter or other attractant to...

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Rodenticides and Poisons -

Invasive rat and rodent control efforts have been in existence for hundreds of years. One method of rodent control that continues to be immensely popular is the use of poison, also referred to as rodenticide. But is the use of rodenticide as simple, safe, and effective as advertised? First, let us look at some of the science behind rodent poisons. Rodenticides, or "baits" as they may be commercially referenced, come in a variety of shapes and sizes from large blocks to small granules. Rodenticides require ingestion by the target pest, such as rat or mouse, and some second-generation poisons require...

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Rats and Fruit Trees -

Perhaps you've seen this in your garden or orchard. A beautiful citrus tree, luscious fruit ripening, just waiting to be picked. Then you look closer and find that the fruit is damaged, ripped open and cored out. Completely empty shells still hanging on the tree and damaged fruit laying all over the ground. Or one day you see ripening fruit and the next day there is only a seed hanging from the branch where the fruit once was. Disappointed, angry, helpless you wonder what could have caused this. Many people believe birds are pecking away at the fruit. But believe...

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